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The Tree of Life

At Black Rock City, 2019

The Tree of Life on the PLaya

About the Tree Of Life

Rising 110 feet off the cool tan playa of Black Rock City is the reincarnation of an ancient symbol, the rainbow bridge of manifestation connecting the earth and the stars. A place to awaken yourself and your creative expression. A place to remember visions of the future, hear the subtleties of thought, smell the presence of nature, touch the vibration of connection, and taste the elixir of your own existence. This piece creates an interactive exchange and collaboration between earth and space, internal and external, nature and technology, in which both the internal journey and the external expression are brought together.

Here everyone is invited to come play in the ceremony of life.


Statistics and figures show the construction of the project

Tree of Life space



Tree of Life stories



Tree of Life height




Main Structure

Made of Glulam, an innovative building material sustainably produced from the forest and unique metal connectors that allow the piece to be modular and be built in 2 weeks.

Walkway & Stairs

Spiraling walkway around the 75ft. atrium space.

Facade & Canopy

Made of tension fabric, recycled netting and branches. The canopy extends 30ft to the sky.

With this structure, we want to inspire new architectural possibilities.


The Roots

Performance space activated with an ambisonic or 4D sound system.

The Atrium

Ambisonic sound system bathes participants in a field of soundscapes, with the vibrations of nature, the 7 chakras, light and sound.

The Canopy

Temple of the Stars, a place for you to feel the interactive exchange between earth and space, nature and technology.


We designed this piece with the best materials in mind for sustainability and the best technological tools for innovation.

The building process involves computer modeling that allowed us to design for extreme environments while saving time, money and minimizing risk.

This piece shows that we can use art, innovation and technology to transform our world into a place of alignment with nature, of different cultures, and personal transformation.

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